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  • Hilarious Vintage News Piece on Batcave and Specimen

    This apparently ran on Danish television and it is hilarious. The announcer mentions that Specimen are not shy about promotion and the video kicks off with Jonathan describing the band as "truly wonderful, exquisite, exotic, marvelous, creative, exciting". Then a Miss Terry shows off a stupid hat and assures Danish viewers that they can meet Miss Terry at the Batcave "especially the big blonde muscle-y" Danish viewers. Then a Slack Alice shows off his crotch bat. There is also a lot of footage of really gorgeous people having fun. It will put a smile on your face.

    documentary about the Batcave club in london and the band Specimen
    leChatAutomatique April 09, 2009 A Small and rare video about the batcave club in london and the band Specimen with interview !
    Category: Music
    batcave post punk specimen new wave coldwave club deathrock mohawk london england goth gothic