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  • Unscene Issue 7 Still Available

    Unscene issue 7 is still available. Project Pitchfork is one of the only bands interviewed in this issue which I am familiar with. A really cool thing about this zine is that it usually (maybe always?) comes with an accompanying CD so you can find out what the bands interviewed sound like.

    Issue Seven

    Unscene returns with another great issue. Bands interviewed this time include Rome Burns, Adoration, Lola Angst, Project Pitchfork, Tenek, Cosmic Intent, Suicidal Romance, Whispers in the Shadow and Deathcamp Project. There's also fashion, CD/Live reviews and lots more.

    This issue also comes with a FREE 16 track CD containing tracks from: Rome Burns, Deathcamp Project, Suicidal Romance, Charlotte's Shadow, Versailles, Zeitgeist Zero, Bak XIII, Resist, The Beauty of Gemina, Tenek, Cosmic Intent, The Pussybats, N.U.C., Cauda Pavonis, Dead Sea Surfers and Engine of Excess.