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  • Destructo Deviations Razor Candi

    Blogger Miss Destructo has a really cool interview with deathrock pinup Razor Candi on her site. I especially like the parts where they talk about what Razor Candi's day-to-day life is like and what her advice is about maintaining your individuality. You should definitely go check out the whole interview. That Miss Destructo is a cutie herself with that blue hair and saucy attitude.

    I get asked all the time about the Klaus Nomi painting that I have in Destructo HQ. It was a birthday gift from a very special gal I know by the name of RazorCandi. Tampa Bay native Kym a.k.a Razorcandi, has been an inspiration to many and to myself as well. Her style is incredibly versatile, and can go from an elegant Annie Lennox esque pose to an alieneque diva to a death rock mohawk in less than 24 hours. Following her heart, she moved a few years ago to Romania (wow!) and since then she’s become an international alternative model featured in magazine such as Bizzare and Gothic Magazine and she’s also quite the artist as well. I recently got to ask her a few questions…

    1. I always get asked if I do drugs or have any tattoos. What are some common misconceptions of you?

    Actually I get the drugs one a lot too haha. A few others are that I have an eating disorder, that I’ve had a boob job and my favorite one, that I have had my ribs removed to be thinner.

    2. What’s a normal day like in the life of Razorcandi?

    I get up in early noon, drink my coffee with a nice fat breakfast, check my email(s) and spend the remainder of the afternoon painting or working on art projects until my husband comes home from work around 3ish, eat a nice fat lunch then head out into town for coffee and a walk for exercise. Back home around evening for a nice fat dinner, shower, and then a movie. Over the weekends it’s the same routine except we may shoot if we . . .