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  • Peter Murphy in New Twlight Eclipse Movie

    According to the current Rolling Stone, Peter Murphy is in the new Twilight movie. Don't know how I missed hearing about this. He pitched his music to the Twilight music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas at SXSW. (A music supervisor is a person who oversees what music is selected for a movie or TV series. SXSW is a big combination film, music, and internet festival in Austin, Texas.) In Twilight Eclipse, Peter Murphy reportedly plays a very old Spanish vampire, from the beginning of the vampires' conflict with the werewolves, and he is called The Cold One. Peter Murphy posted the snapshot below, but I assume the character makeup looks more perfect in the actual movie than in his cell phone self-shot pic. Peter Murphy as the vampire The Cold One is almost enough to make me go see Twilight Eclipse.

    "It's actually very beautiful, with no sharp teeth or protruding fangs. I think it's truly a post-modern story about vamps, and I think it works in a way. If you think about it, Edward's love for Bella leads him back to humanity, which transmutes his love into something pure and perfect," he tells RS. "I love that there is hope for what we consider to be the damned."