Me and my Changes

  1. I love you to death 
I love you completelly 
A love that is purely vain 
And I never meant to hurt you so badly 
I thought you'd enjoy the pain
  2. 2011 live with Skulls n Dice
  3. 2009 live with Harlequeen
  4. 2008 rehearshal with Harlequeen
  5. I Made some things for you. but they forbidden... 
Someone cut my throat so deep and my words are hiden. 
There was killing my mind by lies and now i...
  6. 2009 
Dedicated to someone
I could have brought you roses or a diamond ring 
That's just material things...
  8. Skulls N Dice 
  9. Dope hat  
  10. Why did Father give these humans free will? 
Now they're all confused. 
  11. Dj night @ dasein  
back to 2010...
  12. 2008 in the woods
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