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  • Unscene Issue 8 Out Now

    The new issue of Unscene magazine is out now for May 2010. Issue 8 has one of the more deathrock covers Unscene has done. I always see it online, but I never can find it in stores.

    The UK's leading Goth/Dark Alternative Magazine returns with another fantastic issue. Interviews this time include: Carl McCoy, Pretentious Moi?, The Beauty of Gemina, Mesh, Assemblage 23, Bak Xiii, Last July, Seize and Novakill.
    There's also fashion, models, plus tons of CD/Live reviews.

    As usual, this issue comes with a FREE 15 Track CD containing songs by: 19ninetynine, Pretentious Moi?, The Beauty of Gemina, Bak XIII, Uberbyte, Pro-Jekt, Ex-Voto, Rhombus, Spucktute, Novakill, John Merrick’s Remains, Shirayas Dream, The Last Cry, Glass, Last July.
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