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  • Alien Sex Fiend Limited Edition Death Trip

    Alien Sex Fiend has limited edition signed vinyl LPs of their newly released Death Trip studio album available. Only 666 of these rare collectible records have been produced and hand-numbered by Nik Fiend himself. You can pick them up while supplies last from Blue Crumb Truck, the official Alien Sex Fiend online store. Supplies of the "Death Trip" Vinyl LP are guaranteed by BCT because they receive their stock before any other suppliers (probably because they ship our of Nik Fiend and Mrs. Fiend's Big Blue Truck.) If you don't manage to get you hands on this prize, be sure to pick up Death Trip from any of the usual suspects (iTunes, Napster, etc.) You can also still catch Alien Sex Fiend's unforgettable live shows coming up Saturday July 17th at Underground (Koln, Germany) or Sunday July 18th at Gothic Festival (Waregem, Belgium). For all things Alien Sex Fiend, visit their official 13th Moon site.

    Track Listing:
    Erazerdrone / Land Of The Living Dead / One Way Ticket /
    The Hills Have Eyes / B.B.F.C. / Intensify The Treatment /
    Dance Of The Dead / Voodoo / Beyond A Psychic Evil /
    Oops! Wrong Planet
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    1. Valikiyro's Avatar
      Valikiyro -
      Haha, I always loved Alien Sex Fiends cover art. (: