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  • Razor Candi Classics: Volume 1

    Deathrock pinup Razor Candi has a quote from Klaus Nomi on the back cover of her first book, the first in a planned set of three volumes of classic images of her. Klaus Nomi said, "The way I look is just part of it. It sounds affected but I do see myself as a piece of art. People do accuse me of being just decorative or an escapist. Well, I am. That's what I do. So long as they realize that I am other things as well." If she weren't already impressive, having that philosophy would put her over the top, and she already is impressive.

    Volume One
    Well here it is, as mentioned previously I started a project involving a picture book of my work. Since I have been making photos for eight years and considering the completely unplanned and unexpected popularity I gained I figured that releasing a collection of what I think are my most well known and trademarked images would be a fine idea. I hope all of you also welcome this endeavor, even though it may seem like an arrogant thing to do hehe I assure you that even though as proud of my work as I am this book is really meant to preserve images that people found memorable over the years. Below you can find images of the book, a sneak thumbnail preview of the images in the book. It has 12 pages, counting cover and back, 26 images and various lyrics and quotes printed on 5.5 x 8 inch (14 x 20cm) glossy photo quality rigid paper, a centerfold image which will be signed upon request. The price is only $45 + shipping and handling. For orders or more details please contact me at Razor_Candi@Yahoo.com

    Before posting the pictures I want to add two things. One that I consider this project to be a very practical means of purchasing prints since I have been selling lots of prints lately I am sure most people will find it convenient with this purchase to find all these photos included. Secondly this is volume number one of what I plan to be a three volume collection depending on how well this first attempt is received. Thank you all for your support it is always much appreciated and itís only through your support art like this can be made.