autoptimize - Miss Cobweb Bizarre 148 UltraVixen Winner
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  • Miss Cobweb Bizarre 148 UltraVixen Winner

    You just can't go wrong with fishnets and cobwebs. Well, you can go wrong with anything, if you do it wrong enough I guess, but MissCobweb does her fishnets and cobwebs well enough to be the top of the Ultra Vixens in Bizarre magazine 148's reader poll.

    MissCobweb, 20, Doncaster "I'm partial to big, beardy metal guys and I wouldn't mind a threesome with Corey Taylor and Mick Thompson from Slipknot."
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    1. Valikiyro's Avatar
      Valikiyro -
      Slipknot...? So not deathrock...
    1. diablos 88's Avatar
      diablos 88 -
      haha apparently you are deathrock if you wear fishnets lol!
      i've met deathrockers that wear polos, its the music that matters the look is just theatre