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  • She Walks the Line

    Haute Macabre noticed the March issue of Interview featured a fashion model with a deathhawk. I hadn't heard of Iselin Steiro before, but I haven't heard of most supermodels, so I can't say if she is a supermodel and I have no idea what her hair normally looks like. A quick search confirms that it is possible to get fake mohawk wigs, not to mention Photoshop, and Iselin Steiro usually has hair on the sides of her head. Apparently she is Norwegian and semi-retired and studying architecture, but occasionally still does runway modeling and the occasional Interview photo shoot with Mario Sorenti. If you can trust the internet.

    Model Iselin Steiro gets a gradual deathrock makeover for the March Issue of Interview. Somehow Im betting no actual supermodel coiffure was harmed in the making of this editorial, but the juxtaposition of dramatic hair and makeup with soft, feminine wardrobe works well. I remain unconvinced on the vacuum-as-accessory concept, however.

    Photography: Mario Sorenti
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    1. Valikiyro's Avatar
      Valikiyro -
      Haha, to me it screams cavewoman in the 21st century but idk I guess I'm just saying that because it doesn't really appeal to me. Lolz