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DeathRock.org - Gore Couture Poison Brazen
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  • Gore Couture Poison Brazen

    If you have ever thought to yourself that you need an underbust corset which says things like venom, poison, cyanide, vitriol, etc. -- and I know you have -- Gore Couture has got you covered. Is poison more of a steampunk thing or a deathrock thing? I'm thinking steampunk, but this corset is hot either way.

    'Brazen' style in PVC with our own binary print with different poisons on each panel. Soft black cotton trim on the top & bottom. Front busk fastening. Available in all our our PVC colours.
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    1. Valikiyro's Avatar
      Valikiyro -
      Why would poison be associated with steampunk..? I mean its obviously more of a deathrock thing.. You know? Poison=Death so yeah... But anyways thank you for making this article its always refreshing to see other people with similar style even if their models.