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  • Blood on the Highway Laughs at Stupid Vampires

    Blood on the Highway laughs at stupid vampires, stupid frat boys, stupid Walmart customers, and stupid Burning Man. Released by E1 Entertainment, this very gory horror spoof comedy came out on DVD last week. The movie web site has great behind the scenes photos, almost as laugh-out-loud funny as the flick itself. It looks like this was a lot of fun to make and it should come as no surprise that this venture included Troma alumni. Horror punk fans will also appreciate the sountrack for Blood on the Highway, which includes Calabrese and Ghoultown, among others.

    On their way to a rock concert, Carrie, her boyfriend Sam, and Bone, her thug ex-boyfriend, get lost and wind up in Fate, Texas a town populated by bloodthirsty, dimwitted vampires. Featuring genre favorites Nicholas Brendon and Tom Towles.