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  • Time Seals All Tombs

    Time Seals All Tombs is a DIY book by Australian metalhead and software engineer Shane Andrewartha. The author feels it helps if you enjoy Cradle of Filth and Iron Maiden. I was just clicking on our various advertisers today and this one just got me thinking about dark poetry, which is a good thing. I also ate about a million packages of McDonald's hash browns today because every time I see that banner, I want some fried potato goodness.

    ‘Time seals all tombs’ is an illustrated book of original poems that loosely describes the artistic process. Its tone is brooding then tempered. Its style and themes are largely drawn from Heavy Metal music – frustration, violence, death, epic myths, Hell.

    an unfinished thought
    niggling and nibbling
    at the edges of conscientiousness

    overcoming the daunting blank canvas
    tipping the balance
    for its own sake
    for its own evolution
    its own struggle for existence
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      shandr -
      Cheers for the write up ! Check out my facebook for additional material to enliven and ignite your creative mind . . .