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  • Tim Burton Look by Michelle Phan

    I am kind of getting used to Michelle Phan's sort of affected girlie voice. She is certainly talented with a makeup brush. In this makeup tutorial, she riffs on the films of Tim Burton. I really wanted her to describe how she got the crazy fingernails in this video, but she only mentions them when putting on fake eyelashes to say she is having an Edward Scissorhands moment when she tries to pick them up.

    Deathrock.org readers may want to do a more dramatic version of this look. I know I would skip the pink cheek hollows part. I think the tips on blending really dark shades of eyeshadow and putting a tissue on your cheek to catch black eyeshadow overspill are really great.

    I remember growing up watching Tim Burton's movies. From Batman to The Nightmare Before Christmas, I feel in love with his hauntingly beautiful characters. I know Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes out today, so I wanted to create a look inspired by his romantic, dark vision. Obviously this isn't something you would wear to school or work, (unless you work for Mr. Burton himself). BTW, If you are in NYC, GO GO GO TO THE MOMA to see his Exhibit, it's up there until April I think. AMAZING. But this look is beautiful without the crazy wig I had on.