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  • Blue Blood Transylvanian Artist Razor Candi Feature Interview

    I'm excited to get to bring you all our first exclusive feature interview. I hope this will be the first of many interviews with the movers and shakers of deathrock. The good people at Blue Blood were kind enough to hook us up with a Razor Candi preview gallery of the non-naked photos from from upcoming BlueBlood.com updates showcasing deathrock pinup Razor Candi. In this interview, Razor Candi answers the questions I sent over, demonstrating she is, not only beautiful and stylish, but a true artist through and through. She tells how she hooked up with Blue Blood, publishers of definitely the most esteemed and best deathrock erotica on the net and in print and probably publishers of the best and most deathrock photography period. Razor Candi also shares some of her hairstyling tips and the story of how she ended up in Transylvania.

    DeathRock.org: You must be one of the most accomplished deathrock pinups ever. How do you find the time to create so much great photographic work and put out books and still paint and everything?

    Razor Candi: I am devoted to art. It is essential that I surround myself in art, which means I live and breathe art, without it I feel vacant. Pretty much any time of the day I am doing something that involves art. Since I do not work a normal day job this gives me time to focus on my art. Iíve also been partying less frequently which means sleeping in to late noon and early evenings is a thing of the past! I like to get an early start and occupy my time wisely!

    DeathRock.org: What are some of your favorite deathrock bands?

    Sex Gang Children, Virgin Prunes, Specimen, Cinema Strange, Alien Sex Fiend, NEVA, Big electric cat, Carcrash International, Black Ice, The Plague, Bone Orchard, Danielle Dax, Scarlet's Remains, Undying Legacy, Death Cult, Frank the Baptist, Deadchovsky, Kommunity FK, Penis Fly Trap, Le Vene Di Lucretia, Scary Bitches, Margot Day and many more!

    DeathRock.org: What is your favorite product or technique for putting up deathrock hair?

    Razor Candi: My favorite product is hair spray. Hair spray allows a lot of room for manipulation and it is still light on the hair. The best death hawk is a fluffy death hawk and hairspray allows this look where as gel type products weigh down the hair. My favorite technique is back combing, you gotta damage and fry that hair if you want it stand up!

    DeathRock.org: How did you hook up with Blue Blood?

    Razor Candi: Iíve actually been a long time fan of Blue Blood. Back in 2000 I used to follow their work quite closely because their models were always very visual and they photographed a lot of deathrock people which was very influential and inspiring to me so it was actually inevitable that I would end up joining forces with Blue Blood!
    In fact I made paintings of the famous Blue Blood shoot with Lucas and Daniel in 2003!

    DeathRock.org: You live in about the most deathrock place possible, except maybe Leipzig. How did you end up in Transylvania and what do you like best about your lifestyle there?

    Razor Candi: I moved to Transylvania after a few visits to see my boyfriend (currently husband). I fell in love with the landscapes, scenery and old architectures laced with history. I found it to be a great opportunity and experience to live in Europe where there is such a high variety of cultures and people. Regarding my lifestyle I could talk about the differences between living in the US and living here as an alternative person for hours but to sum it up I think I would have to say that the lifestyle that I have here seems more raw, more real and it makes me feel that my appearance really is making a statement when I walk the streets unlike in the US where everyone has seen everything even though that makes people in the US much more accepting than the ones here but like I said confronting friction from society here just makes my experiences as an alternative person seem more genuine and meaningful. Iím happy you mentioned Leipzig but Transylvania really can not be associated because Leipzig has a goth reputation through the WGT and the gothic subculture where as Transylvania unfortunately lacks the subculture but was and always will be gothic through its history.

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    1. Broken Doll's Avatar
      Broken Doll -
      Oh i love razor candi
    1. Valikiyro's Avatar
      Valikiyro -
      I use to love Razor Candi but now not so much do to her recent changes.... Although, I do have to admit she is quite beautiful and she did partially inspire me to get a deathhawk so I atleast owe her that. ^.^
    1. n3cr0phelia's Avatar
      n3cr0phelia -
      She's one of my favorite girls, ever.
    1. diablos 88's Avatar
      diablos 88 -
      she's pretty but she would be hotter if she had a penis