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  • Summer of Darkness at The Old Sessions House

    You can go visit The Old Sessions House on your own. This coming weekend, however, the London Paranormal haunted walking tour people will be doing a guided showcase of the former courthouse and dungeon.

    In case you like extra spooky things (or have no sense of human resonance) The Old Sessions House is available for rental for product launches and wine tastings. Of course it is. They are British.


    "The Crime Of The Ghost"


    With much excitement, after a 2 year break, we return to the Old Sessions House in Clerkenwell. Back in the summer of 2007, we were the first ever paranormal group to hold vigil at this truly historical capital landmark. This former notorious courthouse has been witness to punishment on a grand scale in form of transportation to the colonies ( which was sometimes seen worse than the death penalty) Once centre of one of London’s most heinous Rookeries, we look at its dark historical past and ghostly inhabitants.


    LPS were drawn to this location by the many reports of regular poltergeist activity and apparitions. Heavy doors were slamming on their own, freezing cold breezes swept around the heated rooms, piles of chairs were pushed over, and a full bodied apparition of a Victorian gentleman was witnessed walking down one of the many stairwells. On certain autumn afternoons around sunset, a lady dressed in grey has been seen sitting on a staircase adjacent to the main bar and after a few minutes gently floats up the stairs. A presence of the other spectre can be felt in one of the second floor rooms, which can feel damp, cold and forbidding to some! Many of the staff are very nervous of the building and recall lots of personal stories of alleged haunting behaviour.


    The Old Sessions House is situated on Clerkenwell Green, Central London. When it opened in 1782, it was the largest court house in England. Of all the London courts, the Sessions House had the worst reputation for the harshness of its sentencing. Criminals were duly flogged, sent to the stocks or pillory, incarcerated in one of its three local prisons , transported to the colonies or, hanged, drawn and quartered. Now a conference centre and freemasons headquarters, the building is never far from its distant past. Deep within the bowels of the building, the cells have now been transformed into the dungeon bar. The green was also known as a place of execution and had its very own pillory and watch tower. The infamous executioner Hangman Cratwell himself was hung on the green after being caught stealing. Incidentally, tunnels running underneath the courthouse are said to lead to the infamous and haunted Clerkenwell House of Detention. Is there a connection between the two?


    The night will consist of a welcome meeting, brief talk about ghosts and spirits, group and lone vigils, psychic experiments. You will be pro-active during the night and get the chance to monitor our ghost hunting gadgets throughout the night.

    Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the location. (A suitable area will be designated)

    Please do not contact the location direct.

    Over 18s only

    Time: 9pm – 4am

    Price: £50 per person - bookable in advance

    1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on site (a smoking area will be designated
    2. Over 18s only


    Please reserve your place(s) on this investigation via our online booking form. Click on the "Book Now" button below for details. Once submitted, you will be given full details of how to make your payment