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  • Contemplating Reiko Tainted Ink Now in Color

    What is black and white and red all over? If you answered the demon chick comic Contemplating Reiko, then you are correct. (If you say it aloud, red can be read, and then the answer is a newspaper.) You'll see adverts for the hilarious cute yet evil webcomic running on the site right now. If you head over to taintedink.com, you can mouse over the comic strips to see the most recent update in both full color and the more stylized black and white and red.

    Contemplating Reiko
    New Contemplating Reiko comic! Lucy gets some career advice.

    CONTEMPLATING REIKO - Evil things come in small packages...


    Contemplating Reiko is a one-panel comic strip following the hilariously twisted adventures of Reiko Mouryou, a wicked little demon girl! New Illustration every week!