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  • New Grave Back Issues Still Available

    It is too bad New Grave magazine is not still coming out with new issues. I'm excited to discover, however, that back issues are still available from the New Grave web site online. There is the possibility that we will see more from New Grave in the future as well, according to the web site, but I'd recommend checking out the back issues either way. They even offer a package deal for one of each of their issues.

    Q. Is Newgrave "OUT OF BUSINESS"?
    A. No..... well.... Yes and No.... ok NO.... Here's the deal, Newgrave is still selling any remaining back issues and overprint copies that are left, and will do so until they are no longer available. As for publishing any new issues... well, there are no immediate plans to produce a new issue. However, there are some plans to do some promotion, fashion, design, and things of that nature under the "Newgrave" name, so stay tuned.
    Q. Does Newgrave offer subscriptions?
    A. No.
    Q. Where can I buy Newgrave?
    A. Our major distributors are Tower Records, Hot Topic and Diamond Comics.

    Q. Why is Newgrave only available for FREE in the Los Angeles area?
    A. First of all you cheap bastard, the cover price is only $2.99 (with issue 5 the price went up to $4.99; still one hell of a deal). Secondly, Los Angeles is where Newgrave is based and that is where it is most convenient and cost effective to distribute for free. Thirdly, we have to make our money somehow; in case you weren't aware, printing a magazine ain't cheap.

    Q. Did you get that CD/ART/PHOTO/ETC, that I sent you?
    A. Maybe I did and maybe I didn't, but most likely I did. Don't expect a response to every piece of promotional material that you send. Matter of fact, don't expect a response to anything.
    Q. When is the next Newgrave going to be out?
    A. Whenever I get it finished and back from the printer. Keep checking the web site for all the latest information.
    Q. If I were to write an article or review for Newgrave, who would own the rights?
    A. All written submissions to Newgrave become property of Newgrave. I'm not an Asshole, but at the same time I need to insure that the content of this magazine stays exclusive to Newgrave. If at some point you would like to reprint the article in a book, or on a webpage, or perhaps later on down the road in another magazine, then you should contact me first. Most likely I will grant you permission.
    Q. If I were to submit Art or Photography to Newgrave who would own the rights?
    A. Unless I have made some sort of previous arrangement, the artist/photographer will own the rights to their work.
    Q. Do you accept Poetry submissions?
    A. No.
    Q. Are you still accepting CD reviews?
    A. YES.
    Q. How come you never reply to my e-mails?
    A. Because I'm too busy. Get over it.... It's nothing personal.