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  • Did Justin Luhrs photograph Rozz?

    I was looking at some Release the Bats stuff to do an interview with the club promoters and I came across a profile for someone named Justin Luhrs. Apparently Justin Luhrs used to shoot as Luhrs Photography and now does so as Black Photo. He has a gallery of famous photos of Rozz Williams from Christian Death. I got excited, thinking he was the photographer, but the age on his profile only says 31, so maybe he just liked the images. I'm not sure. If anyone reading knows the answer, please tell me.
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    1. Broken Doll's Avatar
      Broken Doll -
      This guy is beautiful.
    1. Valikiyro's Avatar
      Valikiyro -
      Quote Originally Posted by Broken Doll View Post
      This guy is beautiful.
      Rozz? Of course he is he's the man who started the entire the deathrock scene! Also, as for the photographs I'm not sure either but I could easily ask one of my friends and find out. (:
    1. Valikiyro's Avatar
      Valikiyro -
      Ignore the extra "the"... My god why do I always make so many damn typo's? >.>
    1. Black.Photo's Avatar
      Black.Photo -
      Hi Kate...

      Unusual that this question should reach me through someone who has very little interest in my photography... but it did none the less.

      Did I take that picture of Rozz? Unfortunately, no. As someone had mentioned, I am not old enough to have shot it. I believe he was 16-17 when that was taken. When I still remembered my password to myspace, I had an album with some of the better photographs taken over the years compiled in it, along with some of his things that I have picked up along the way. I have some of original prints of photos of Rozz, purchased from a prominent scene photographer who shot him on several occasions.
      And various other items of his that are of importance to me.

      Thank you for your compliments about my taste. I did shoot Christian Death's 1334 reunion tour as the official tour photographer, as well as shot Eva O's Wedding. A shot I took of Eva was used on several tour posters. I also shoot at club Release the Bats, for Jen & Dave... but I just moved back around after a year and a half of being away, and so haven't been
      to a club lately (though I've nearly been clubbed over the head for not going!).

      If you are interested in seeing some high quality shots from any of those collections, or are interested in anything yourself, I'd be happy to oblige you... Just let me know.

      Blood Warm Regards,