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  • 1-800-Autopsy

    Having noticed the 1-800-Autopsy coffin couch on the coffin couches web site, I had to check out what 1-800-Autopsy is. It is apparently what it sounds like. It seems hospitals used to routinely do autopsies, but no much important information is missed, because the percentage of autopsies performed has plummeted from 50% of deaths in the '70's to only 5% now. 1-800-Autopsy helps people seeking autopsies for loved ones, and related services. Motto: The deceased must be protected and given a voice.

    1-800-AUTOPSY began as a one-man operation in late 1988. The company has enjoyed significant success and steady growth due to market demand for the unique specialty services we provide forensic autopsy, post-mortem neurological diagnosis as pathology experts, providing the highest in standards for California, Nevada and Florida.

    We believe, and state in our motto, "mortis praesdium et vocem dare necesee est." the deceased must be protected and given a voice. By seeking the truth through medical autopsy investigation, we fulfill that goal by allowing otherwise hidden information to come to light, even though the deceased can no longer speak for themselves. The ability to uncover such information through autopsy procedures should be available to all that need it; there are no ethnic, financial, religious or cultural barriers in death.

    Death's inevitability and the generally "fearsome and negative" connotation around it do provide a challenge to the public's awareness of the unique autopsy services we provide. However, once people learn not only about the value of our autopsy services, but also the highest standards of ethical conduct with which we carry out our responsibilities, acceptance is very high.

    A significant part of 1-800-AUTOPSY's mission is to broaden society's perspective about the "positive side of death" with respect to transplantable tissue, cadaver-tissue research, and whole body donations. With radical innovations emerging in new less invasive delicate surgical procedures, rigorous testing techniques in research there is a critical shortage and constant demand for fresh cadavers, which lowers the availability to medical schools. We are also involved, with the organizations that recycle and redistribute medical appliances that are donated to and given to developing countries. In working to accomplish these tasks, we enjoy significant assistance and support from funeral directors and cremationists who society, unfortunately, has a negative view as depicted in the media who tend to question, confuse and distort their true value. This alliance may eventually aid the public in understanding their "true role", integrity and service to the community.

    1-800-AUTOPSY. Leaders in post-mortem neurological diagnosis and forensic autopsy services for California, Nevada and Florida.