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new Robert Inhuman artwork portfolio
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    new Robert Inhuman artwork portfolio

    I finally made a blog for a lotta my drawings the past few years. There's a lotta stuff in there deathrockers would probably dig. Check it out some time! http://robertinhuman.blogspot.com/

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    actually... whoever runs deathrock.org check out my stuff. if you ever need new artwork for this site get in touch...

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    impressive artwork
    Reverend John Hex

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    wow man, you're doing a great work. Have you checked my band Secular Plague? I'm finishing writing the album and might be interested in your artwork.

    Anyways, awesome job! keep it up!

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    sure, get at me any time! I can do things that aren't as funny too, of course.

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    I bookmarked you site so I'll know where to find you

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    find me in the batcave at the witching hour

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    new deathrock artwerk

    Always looking for new projects to take on in the genre... Check out some recent drawings...

    contact = robertinhuman@hotmail.com

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    thanks for putting the John Hex's CreepShow album cover on here, it is badass. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for artwork to contact Inhuman on here.
    Reverend John Hex

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    totally, I was into webbing those letters out more than usual, I should still draw up some lettering for that Secular Plague art too

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    your art is very interesting, remnant of early 80's LA show flyers but more bold and refined. I like your characters and fonts, I will definitely be sending you an email soon.

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    totally, working on a psychobilly poster for Louisville Goth now, down for any interesting projects for fall...

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