Realicide Youth Records
contemporary DIY punk media
Autumn 2012,
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new CD's with screenprinted patches, shirts, posters, etc...

CURSE (Baltimore, currently on U.S. tour)
ex-Abiku, dark heavy synth, doom / goth, attn: if you dig BIRTH!
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anarcho hiphop meets industrial and magick
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hear "NEW YOUTH"

THE CREATURE (on Dark Ceremony sub-label)
Cincylvanian VHS horror punx, artwork by R.Inhuman
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hear "MANIAC"

other recent releases / distro stuff...
DIVTECH (fucking killer Los Angeles anarcho breakcore)
FREAK ONE (radical hiphop, from Evolve and CEMCOM)
DREAMS IN HELL (Cincylvanian deathrock)
NERVOSAS 7" (gnarly Columbus dark punk)
CAPE of BATS 7" (Philadelphia weirdo black metal)
XTRA VOMIT / CLOUD RAT 12" (fave Michigan grindcore)
...DATACIDE magazine #12 coming soon from Berlin

RYR distro

R.Inhuman artwork
download the Dreams In Hell demo here