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    3 Bands in Your Area (game)

    I just joined today and I'm kind of disappointed by the lack of activity... I was really hoping to meet some fellow music-freaks. So just to see how it goes here's a game to hopefully get some posts going again:

    Name 3 bands in your area! The objective is simple, name three bands in your area (country/state/city/town/neighborhood/whatever).

    -They must be active
    -The band must have been in existance for less than 15 years
    -The more info you provide on each band the better! (bios/years/albums/etc)
    -Relevant/similar genres count (gothic/horrorpunk/death-punk-crossovers/etc)
    -You can name older bands/broken up bands after you name 3 but it must be indicated

    Hopefully this will get some posts and help people find bands close to them and just new bands in general. Now start researching!

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    The Dead and Gone, more punk/psychobilly but still really good. I saw them live/bought their CD and they are excellent!

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    Only one band, SlicerofBones?

    OK -- Let's talk about the 80s and 90s. The classic deathrock band from Detroit was Gargoyle Sox. There have always been good psychobilly bands from Detroit -- Elvis Hitler, Country Bob and the Bloodfarmers, and Snakeout all had a sick sense of humor and always put on good shows. All three bands occasionally reunite to play shows. The great horror-punk band the 3D Invisibles were not as metal-sounding as the Misfits but they are dear to my heart. Caelum Bliss was a 90s shoegaze/ethereal goth band. Hunting Lodge and later GLOD had that early industrial sound, but neither was very commercial/pop sounding.

    Recently, the best deathrock band is Shadow Image from Flint. I have yet to see them play a show around here but their new album is great! More recent psychobilly bands include the awesome Koffin Kats and the Goddam Gallows. The Casket Bastards play (are they still around?) very similar horror-punk to what the 3D Invisibles used to play. I don't know of any newer local industrial bands but that's not really my thing either. The Amino Acids play sci-fi themed surf-punk similar to a more intense Man or Astroman? The best known local morbid-themed acts are the hip-hop duo ICP and witch-house Salem (from northern Michigan).

    Good concerts around here are very infrequent and regrettably usually on weeknights not weekends.

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    Thank you ever so for you article post.Really looking forward to read more Much obliged.

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    3 Bands in Your Area game

    Hey Clement

    I tried it and everything is working really well
    Personally, I dont really like this kind of FlappyBirds style, but Ive to admit your game is really fun

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