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Dreams In Hell new DEATHROCK record out now!
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    Dreams In Hell new DEATHROCK record out now!

    REALICIDE YOUTH RECORDS http://realicide.bigcartel.com/
    (shops & distros get in touch) CONTACT realicide@gmail.com

    Dreams In Hell "Oblivion" LP/CD/zine
    DEATHROCK members of Realicide, Vacation, White Walls, Abduction, Tweens
    hear it at http://dreamsinhell.bandcamp.com

    GNAT! "Gnasty"
    snotty Cincinnati punx, with seriously depraved artwork
    hear it at http://gnatpahnx.bandcamp.com/

    The Creature "Sematary Songs"
    Cincylvania horror/skate punx, including sick DI cover
    hear it at http://thecreaturecincinnati.bandcamp.com/

    Secular Plague "Death For Sale"
    animal rights themed hxc meets deathrock, sounds kinda like Rudi P!
    hear it at http://www.secularplague.com/

    Divtech "Rise With The Tide"
    best electronic hardcore/breakcore of 2013, themed on Earth Liberation
    hear it at http://divtech.bandcamp.com/

    Cem Com "Super Chemical Committee"
    bizarre Cincinnati hiphop, affiliated with EVOLVE
    hear it at https://www.youtube.com/realicide

    newly stocked in distro: Nervosas 2xLP
    Columbus dark punk, kinda like TSOL, from Let's Pretend Records
    hear it at http://nervosas.bandcamp.com/album/s-t

    There are also a lot of new shirts, buttons, stickers, and patches (if you don't know what else to do with that dental floss) Check it out http://realicide.bigcartel.com/

    feat. No Slave To Tomorrow, new deathrock with members of Dreams In Hell and The Creature...

    October 30th https://www.facebook.com/events/548309011907853/

    ...meanwhile Decide Today (electronic anarcho hardcore, ex-Realicide, Born As Ghosts) is recording, to start touring in coming months... Dark Ceremony (DIY goth sub-label of Realicide) is gonna be doing a very cool CD for San Diego deathrock band They Feed At Night, while continuing to collect all kinds of crazy new things for the distro... I'll keep packing orders with free posters, literature, stickers, etc, or you're welcome to mail a SASE for stuff like that anytime (see address on webstore)

    You can still download the Realicide album from 2009 free here http://www.sendspace.com/file/xz4yh1 ...but we're gonna get around to making proper bandcamp discographies for Realicide and Evolve at some point. There's actually still a couple crucial records from years ago that gotta get mixed and mastered for release, but with all the rad stuff going on in the present it just has to wait!

    Follow our label at http://www.facebook.com/REALICIDE and https://www.youtube.com/realicide ...get in touch if you've got radical music with a radical message to match it! Keep breakcore about real anarchy! Keep deathrock about punx being goth as fuck! Do what thou wilt! Be excellent to each other!

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    Junior Member Beautiful Mourning's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Ten miles north of Detroit
    I like what I've heard on-line from Dreams in Hell. Anyone who likes punky and modern horror-punk/deathrock should like this. It reminds me of Pitch Black, Schoolyard Heroes (but w/ male vocals), and mid-period TSOL. Cool stuff! And I'm also jealy that the Cincy scene is great -- other than Shadow Image from nearby Flint (playing in Ypsilanti in early February), the Detroit scene really sucks right now. Keep us posted OK?

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    Dec 20th next goth party, oughta be a good one! https://www.facebook.com/events/1474988779393496/

    Also, check out all these new buttonz we made http://realicide.bigcartel.com/product/pins

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    Junior Member Kampedo's Avatar
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    Jul 2019

    Dreams In Hell new DEATHROCK record out now

    If this is what the members of a Land Rover club think, who the hell are they going to sell this thing to?

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    Junior Member Kampedo's Avatar
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    Jul 2019

    Dreams In Hell new DEATHROCK record out now

    Im getting about 10 or more FPS across the board,but the trackbed gravel between the rails looks very flat and one dimensional to me now.maybe Im wrong -anyone else think so?everything on ultra

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