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    Masquerade/Virgin in Veil North America tour 2015

    Post Punk/Deathrock bands Masquerade and Virgin in Veil (Both from Finland, I play in both) are doing their first ever North American tour this August!

    August 21 - The Sounds of Hades festival, Los Angeles, CA
    August 22 - need help (Los Angeles area)
    August 23 - Garden Grove, CA
    August 24 - need help (Oakland, San Francisco area)
    August 25 - need help (Oakland, San Francisco area)
    August 26 - San Jos, CA
    August 28 - Las Vegas, NV
    August 29 - Tijuana, Mexico
    August 30 - need help (San Diego area)

    USTOUR6POSTER-v2 copy.jpg

    Facebook event:

    Some music:


    Virgin in Veil:

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    I'm bummed that you're not coming to the Midwest and just a little bit envious of those westcoasters!

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